Monday, 8 January 2018

Stadium truck is ready!

New look and a matched pair. I've run blue stuff for over 10 years but I'm having a hard time seeing it on the new colour of clay so I've gone with red and that seems to work much better. Nice change too.

This is after the first race meet. I didn't even have time for a driveway test run so the first drive was Q1. Not broken in ball diff and all. Utterly awful. Most likely flat spotted the balls but I've rebuilt it since and it feels alright, not good but maybe it'll get better.

New XR10 pro and a Trinity 5.5t.

T4.1 body mounts.

B6 wing mounts with a little post tacked on.

As for the driving experience. Half wet, half dry track with a wrong tire. None of that helped.

It drives well but the front end has way too much bite and I can barely touch on more than half throttle. The two pad slipper doesn't like it one bit so I'll go to a VTS. Once hooked on the dry parts of the track though and near the end of the day with a bit of a groove and all it was much better. Front dips too much and it jumps too long, very hard to judge.

Handling wise once locked into the corner (mid-exit) it goes great. Turn in is violent, I guess that's the buggy wheelbase helping that. I've got a super long rear link on now, thicker front oil and a few other changes. It'll most likely do well.

That all said and done. I still set the fastest ST lap of the day by a 30th over a T5M that was hooked up and looked to be easy to drive. My T6 was a handful but it has speed, so there's a lot of promise in this. Once set up I say it'll be a second maybe two faster than any T5M.

B6 on the other hand was perfect all day long. I think I only made one mistake with it all day, got marshaled once with it. Came 5th over-all with it. Lacking single lap speed but over 5 minute it goes really nicely. No pucks or lightweight stuff aside from a few titanium screws so for a 'budget' stock buggy it's going very nicely. Top guys have all the shit. Pucks, no slipper, full ti screw kits, special $200 motors etc.

Still running the stock club racer 600Z ESC too. Runs way too hot but holding up so far. Waiting to cook it so I can go get a hobbywing system but going great so far.

Oh also. I thought those front wings were bullshit but that was the only thing I changed on the buggy since last time and everywhere it felt off in the high speed sections of the track it felt perfect everywhere with that on it. Before it was great through the low speed corners but got a bit of push/loose in the front in high speed kink on the back straight and had to lift through there. Kept it dead pinned with the wing on. I'm not sure if it's the weight of a wing there or the wing itself but it works.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

B6 to T6

Well because a T6 doesn't exist yet and with the help of Vision Racing up in Oregon you can now build a T6 out of a B6. The Exotek chassis kit is also around to have a longer wheelbase but I remember the time before the B4.1 with the +8mm chassis so I'm not worried about a SWB ST.

Perfectly cut carbon fiber towers from Vision Racing.

Everything used from the B6 kit aside from the towers and Avid thumb screws.

B6D build

Monday, 26 December 2016

An FC3S at last!

The first body shell I've cut out, sanded, painted etc in 2 years so this was an interesting one. 

Alright I'll let the pictures do the talking here but that's it mostly done. Just got the interior left to finish off, roll cage to bend up then wire the whole thing. Also I've got a bunch of Wrap Up stickers on the way from Japan that'll really detail up the lights. 

So far I'm rather pleased with how everything has turned out so far, the colour came out perfect though it's a bit hard to get the actual blue on camera so far. 

Lots more to follow!

Friday, 16 December 2016

It's time for a come back

 After leaving RC for a couple years and looking at this VDF sitting on my shelf ever since. I figured it was time to get it going again. Now with more knowledge, a touch wiser now and just general all round better sense. I can do something a lot better than what I use to.

Firstly it was time to strip it, see what had worn after years of use and replace everything as such with new fresh gear. Next on the list was to build a new body that'll be my last ever so to end on a high, it's going to be something special.

After tinkering away for two weeks or so I ended up with this. VDF V3 V7. The third VDF I got, V3 front end and V7 chassis configuration. To dawn the V7 will of course have to be an RX7 and that'll be coming shortly.

Also, I've finally given into the gyro. I always considered it cheating before, still somewhat feel like I am but it's just needed for RWD. It takes the guessing game out of driving.