Wednesday, 23 July 2014

It's getting close now

  Super tight wiring, even less room than a VDF somehow. It looked nice and roomy but it gets really tight where you need room.
 There's a servo in there somewhere. ( A Savox 1258tg )
 Thunder Power 17.5 is a lovely red. Sad it doesn't match the rest of the car but it's fast and that's what matters.
 Also I got a shorty conversion set.

 It lifts the belt up enough. It gets rid of the need for saddle packs. You save around 70 grams so it's good. Plus it cleans up the wiring.
And you get these holders that hold the shorty packs. There are 3 slots so you can move the battery forward or back around 15mm.

Anyway, more to come. Sanwa M12 next hopefully.

She'll be missed.

 While rebuilding the VDF it hit me that I'll never rebuild it again or be able to take a photo shoot of it again etc. I've worked on this car for nearly 4 years. I started working on this thing when I was 12 and I'm 16 now. It was the base for me learning to build cleanly, understanding car basics etc. I'm really going to miss this car if it sells.

Thanks for the memories, VDF. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

More KF buggy stuff

 New Orion 160amp R10 pro and a Thunder Power 17.5.
 Also picked up a Schumacher glass set up board and a case for it.

Next on the list is a Sanwa M12 and a Much More charger. Now just need to solder the motor and speedie in.