Monday, 23 February 2015

KFD Update

 A new wiring layout to get a bit more weight on the rear axle, finding it hard to put any power down so a couple set up changes have been made. Weight in the way of ESC and RX placement also Ti screws that helped to remove around 60 grams, thicker front oil etc but most importantly. 5 degree front hubs, I'm sure these will make the car much more driveable though I'm yet to test.

The sliver Ti screws look rather nice too while helping remove weight. 

 Also I've moved the motor back about 5mm with the aid of a smaller spur. Jconcepts 69t for a B4.1 - B5. I've milled out the inner hole to 8mm so a normal Schumacher 5x8 bearing fits perfectly. Also I'm having to run AE pads now due to the AE spur.
Then the 5 degree front C hubs from an SV2.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Monday, 2 February 2015

KFD close up

The two meet and the first few drives.

 Indoor carpet KF, meet dirt KF.
 First test day at the local track. Drove okay actually, lots of set up work to get it decent but it got to a rather smooth very drive-able state.
Sunday was the first club day of the season and my first race meet with the dirt KF. A few set up changes from the test day helped a lot. Mostly softer rear springs, oil changes etc. Nothing changed on the front end just yet.

Over-all it was a great first day out with the car, I ended up 5th over-all out of 10 so perfectly mid pack. I'm roughly 2 seconds off lead pace though so I'll need to work on that, both the car and the driver.