Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Time to be a racer again

 No full build thread for this. Enjoyed the build too much to take photos actually.
 Utterly amazing quality. I've owned a Mi4 before but Schumacher have stepped up a little bit more, all the parts fit so perfectly, no shimming needed at all. Okay well I did add 0.2mm 3mm shims to the front C hubs and 1 more 0.1mm shim to the rear diff. Besides that everything is spot on perfect.
 Oh also the best shocks I've ever built. I know I'm raving on a bit but hands down the smoothest shocks I've ever built, better than TRF smooth even.

 Anyway fast forward a bit and I got this.

 More carbon.
 And even more carbon.

 Also a little tribute to Larry Perkins on the rear wing. The Castrol 'jagger' as I like to call it. He's known for building the toughest, longest lasting cars so it's fitting to have it on such a car. Also I'd like to say I take the same qualities and put them into my builds.

 I'm getting better at marble. The key is not to over work it.

Anyway that's this build done. I'm selling the VDF and getting out of the drift world for now, time to race and become have a real Apex Attitude. 

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