Sunday, 11 May 2014

Paint time!

At last I have the body for the pan car. Really pleased with how sleek and smooth it is.
After about 2 hours of just making sure it was mounted right I started to draw my design. 4 hours of masking later I got this.

Now for the clear unmasked bit I'm going for a blue marble. I've never painted marble before so I did a test on an old scrap shell. The paint I used was the only airbrush blue I had so it's a peal blue/purple. It's rather nice though.
I'm going to use number 4 ( the roof ) and number 1. 4 was cling wrap laid and 1 was it dabbed.

2 was aluminum foil dabbed but it wasn't the affect I was going for. 3 was just plain if you're wondering.

Are some good guides and tips for painting marble.

Also keen eyes will also spot a new project in the background. That shall be posted soon once I have enough to post here.

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