Monday, 22 September 2014

The first race meet.

 My first race in around 5 years. I went to Adrenalin Arena last Wednesday night ( I've had computer issues thus the late post.) to run the KF for the first time. After getting use to the carpet, it's like nothing I've ever driven on before. Tons of grip so an all new driving style. And couple huge crashes... I was able to get a few nice runs in before my first heat race.
 Car ran great, a touch too hot so I dialed 5 degrees less timing in for the next run but besides that it was all up to the driver. I came 3rd in the two heats I had, then came the mains. Pushing my two shorty packs to the limit of run time between charges. 5 minutes takes a pack from 100% to 23% - 27% so I really need 3 packs. Anyway back to the finals. There was two groups of stock so both were bunched into the mains. I think there was 10 or 12 cars. I came 7th the C and B before hitting the face of a double and cracking my front bulkhead in the last corner of the last lap. That put me out of the A main.
Very tough for what I did too it and surprised this was the only thing I broke. Cartwheels, hard landings, rolls, full on full speed hitting the face of a gap jump twice.. understandable to happen though but this takes a real beating for a race buggy. 
 Also this was here. Pretty cool rig.

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