Sunday, 26 October 2014

More parts for the KF

 Nothing major, just a few upgrades and some spring sets. Also some general maintenance things.
 But the main thing was the rear toe block set. This lets me tune my rear toe, anti squat and track width. Also I needed some springs for tuning, wondering if harder front springs will help mid - exit as turn in is fine so I can lose a bit of that.
 Toe blocks on, well I really should be calling them arm holders. They're lovely Schumacher bits as always though a bit fiddly to get on right. The front 2.5x20mm screw hits the plastic side guards of the chassis so that's a bit annoying to get on.

 Then the purple didn't match so I stripped them with oven cleaner and gave them a quick buff on the dremel.

Ready to run now next Wednesday.

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