Monday, 7 April 2014

A small update on V3.5. New wheels MST TMB's in 8mm offset wrapped in a Speedline CG-1 and a few other minor parts. 

    I re-wrapped the servo after seeing the orange was peaking out again.

  Here's all I use for my photos, just a few lamps with a clean table or large tile.

Date: 7/4/14
Track surface: 
Tire: Speedline CG-1, HPI T drift and Mikuni Evo II Polycarbonate
Motor & ESC: Speed Passion V3 MMM 13.5 and a Speed Passion GT2.0 LPF Blue star 
Servo: Savox 1251mg 
Radio: Spektrum DX3R Pro 


Camber: -6.5
Toe: -2
Kick up: 0 or 1mm. Depends on handling on the day. 
Caster hubs:8
Ride height: 8mm
Springs: HPI E10 
Bumper weight: 20g
Sway-Bar: N/A
Shock Oil: 40wt
Other: Rather high ackerman


Camber: -0.5
Toe: +1
Kick up: 0
Ride height: 6mm
Springs: OEM VDF
Sway-Bar: N/A
Shock Oil: 25wt
Diff fluid: 5000cst
Other: Fairly upright shocks

Drive Train

Center: 16
Rear: 37
Spur: 86
Pinion: 32

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