Thursday, 3 April 2014

From the start of it all.

Well lets get things started here. I got into RC when I was 6. I just bashed around in parks for a fair few years before I decided to race. I jumped in the deep end and moved to a rather high class ( 17.5 stock. This was 2009 so before all the boost etc ) and I did that for a few months - a year on and off before I found drifting. Now drifting refreshed my love for RC as it was away from the seriousness of racing and I've stuck with it the last 4 years. Anyway onto what this blog is, I've posted in forums for years about my project and I've done the whole blog thing before but never properly ( Well, whatever 'properly' is. ) so I'll do that here. So with that, onto the cars.

This is my main car, a TA05 VDF V1. I've had it since August of 2011 and out of the 3 ( Well 5 since I got two for parts alone. ) I've owned, it's always driven the best so it's just become my best car.

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