Friday, 18 April 2014

Almost there

 Page 3 to almost done.
 Page 3 gives you the damper tubes and side springs.

 Sorry for the lack of photos as I was too busy building the super small front end.
 Parts were a little bit tight. Front king pins needed to be polished a lot to get them to move smoothly and also the steering knuckles needed to be reamed a little.
 Other than that the front end is silky smooth with no slop at all.

 The ball diff is like any other, only really change is no trust bearing. Just an outer ball bearing. No special tricks needed here.

And it's almost done. Well the chassis anyway, I still have no running gear for it etc. That will come soon though. All that's left is a few little details, a last polish on the carbon and to be detailed for any minor things I missed to have a super clean build.

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