Monday, 21 April 2014

It's done!.. well almost.

 I still need running gear and the shell etc but the chassis is built.

 I also hated the finish on the black screws. I love the stealth black look but these were pitted, the oxide was weird and had gone white in some places.
 So I pulled it all apart again and polished them all.
 Well almost all, I left a few black. ( And yes I've cleaned the wax out of the battery slot after seeing this. )

 Also 1/12th pan cars look huge in photos but really they're tiny.
This is next to my 1/10th VDF just to show you how small they are.

Anyway it's been a lovely build. Carbon work was a bit tiresome but well worth it. Only cons I had with the build were the screws really. Other than that, a flawless kit.

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